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The constitution of Pennsylvania calls for the establishment of courts in Erie, Pennsylvania to help residents of Erie resolve legal disputes as quickly, fairly, and efficiently as possible.

If you are involved in any legal dispute in Erie, Pennsylvania, chances are good that you'll deal with its courts in one way or another.

The court system in Erie, Pennsylvania handles both criminal and civil cases. Lawyers in Erie, Pennsylvania who practice civil litigation usually spend much of their working time at the courthouse. Therefore, they are familiar with its local rules, and can deal with the court system efficiently and fairly easily. To most people, however, the court system can be an intimidating bureaucracy. These are some of the scenarios in which you're likely to find yourself dealing with the Erie, Pennsylvania courts:

Events Leading To Exposure To The Courts In Erie, Pennsylvania

Jury Duty: Under the law of Erie, Pennsylvania, all adult citizens of the United States who live in Erie are required to make themselves available for jury duty, if they are needed. When you are called upon to serve on a jury, you are required to show up, or else you might face criminal charges leading to hefty fines, in possible imprisonment. When you are called for jury duty, there's a good chance that you won't actually have to serve on a jury, either because there are already more people in the jury pool than are needed, or one of the lawyers involved in the case decides to excuse you. If you are selected to serve, on the other hand, you should follow the instructions of the judge to the letter. In particular, you need to show up to the courthouse every day of the trial, and on time, or risk being held in contempt of court.

Filing a lawsuit: When you sue a person or company in a Erie, Pennsylvania court, it's a given that you will have to deal with the courts, to one degree or another. At the very least, you'll probably have to attend some hearings, deal with discovery disputes, and attend case management meetings. Even if your case never goes to trial (which it probably won't, statistically), you will probably become very familiar with Erie, Pennsylvania's courts.

Being Sued: If you, unfortunately, are getting sued in a Erie, Pennsylvania court, it's almost certain that you'll be spending a lot of time dealing with the local court system. You have to file some type of response (usually an answer or motion to dismiss) to the lawsuit, and there will be many procedural issues that might result in disputes that the court has to resolve. All of this happens in most lawsuits, even if they don't go to trial.

Divorce: If you and your spouse are divorcing, hopefully you can do it amicably. If there are disagreements over child custody, or other issues, a Erie, Pennsylvania family court is going to have to settle them.

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How Can A Erie, Pennsylvania Tort Lawyer Help?

Whatever the particular circumstances leading you to have to deal with the court system in Erie, Pennsylvania, it's highly likely that complex legal questions are going to be involved.

Accordingly, it's almost always a good idea to speak with a qualified civil litigation attorney if you think that you are going to have to deal with the courts in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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Life in Erie

Erie, Pennsylvania is an important city in Erie County.  It serves as the seat of government for the county and has a population of over 102,000.  The manufacturing industry has historically been the foundation of Erie's thriving economy.  At the present, higher education, tourism, and healthcare fuel much of the city's revenue.  Major corporations like GE Transportation and Marquette Savings Bank have their headquarters in Erie

Erie is pleasantly situated along the shore of Lake Erie.  The Lake and its surrounding environment greatly influence the culture of the city.  Erie, Pennsylvania has been nicknamed "the Gem City" due to the Lake's sparkling appearance.  Erie is also
Erie is sometimes referred to as "the Flagship City" because the historical flagship USS Niagara is docked near the Erie Maritime Museum.

Outdoor activities are very abundant in Erie and revolve mainly around Lake Erie.  Presque Isle State Park is the city's most outstanding attraction.  Every year, the Park attracts more than four million visitors.  Grapes are grown in the Park region and the area produces the third largest amount of wine in America.  Visitors also enjoy shopping at Erie establishments like the Millcreek Mall to take advantage of Pennsylvania's tax exemptions on clothing items.  

Lawyers in Erie, Pennsylvania are available for assistance with many different types of legal issues.  Many Erie lawyers work closely with the Erie County Courthouse located in the city.  Laws in Erie Pennsylvania often address legal issues that are unique to the lake region.

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