Civil Depositions in Anchorage County, Alaska

Civil Depositions in Anchorage County, AK

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In Anchorage County, Alaska, a civil deposition is a part of the discovery process in civil litigation.

"Discovery" is a process that occurs before a trial in Anchorage County, Alaska. During the discovery process, both sides are required to make relevant information available to each other.

In Anchorage County, Alaska, one way to acquire this information is to find the people involved in the dispute (whether they're witnesses or parties), and ask them questions about the issues you believe them to have knowledge of. A civil deposition is typically a pretty simple process: the person being deposed is sworn in (they are under oath, just as if they were in a courtroom). Because the whole point of a deposition is to get testimony on the record, a stenographer or video technician will also be present, recording the whole deposition. The lawyer then asks questions of the witness, and the lawyers for the other side are able to object to specific lines of questioning, if they wish.

Conducting A Civil Deposition in Anchorage County, Alaska

Depositions in Anchorage County, Alaska are meant to get verbal testimony on the record and into evidence, when there is concern that the person being deposed might be unable to show up and testify at trial, or their testimony will take far too long for them to testify at trial.

It should not be any surprise, then, that civil depositions in Anchorage County, Alaska can go on for a very long time. If you are called to appear in a deposition in Anchorage County, Alaska, this can be a huge headache.

Because of this fact, the law in Anchorage County, Alaska allows witnesses who are appearing for depositions to be compensated for the expense associated with it. This includes reimbursement for gas, lodging, and food. They can also be paid a certain amount of money for every hour they testify, to compensate them for their time. However, this money can only be conditioned on the witness showing up and giving truthful testimony. Trying to condition it on the witness testifying in a specific way ceases to be compensation, and becomes bribery, which is a crime.

Remember, when you give a deposition in Anchorage County, Alaska, you're under oath. This means that you are under an absolute obligation to tell the truth. If you deliberately lie while under oath, you are committing perjury. Perjury is a serious crime, and can be punished by fines and imprisonment.

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How Can A Anchorage County, Alaska Lawyer Help?

If you're a party to a Anchorage County, Alaska lawsuit and are required to appear at a deposition, one would hope that you've already retained a lawyer by this stage in the proceedings. Your attorney will have a lot of advice for you, which you should of course follow.

If, on the other hand, you're not directly engaged in the case, but have been subpoenaed to appear in a deposition as a witness in Anchorage County, Alaska, you may not need to hire a lawyer. The lawyers for both sides will probably prep you for the deposition, giving you an idea of what to expect.

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